• Estate Planning & Tax Advisors

    Provide unmatched value through a clear & customized view of each clients’ estate structure, allowing the perfect execution of tax and succession planning to the most detailed level.

Our pioneering technology enables clients to stand apart and expand their craft.

Avant garde estate planning

Effortlessly provide holistic estate and succession planning involving tax planning, complex ownership structures, partnership accounting, non-financial assets and strategic decisions.

With a complete view of a client’s estate in a single picture, planning is significantly simplified and more efficient.

Real time calculations

The simplicity of real time powerful global and multi-currency tax calculations & reporting will bring your practice to the next level.

Active monitoring of beneficiary distributions from wills and letter of wishes through a dynamic dashboard.

Scale your business

Automatic and reliable information at your disposal allows your business to scale without administrative constraints.

Masttro’s tools allow you to focus on generating added value to your clients.

Integrated general ledger

Bottom up fully integrated accounting automates detailed journal entries by transaction to provide a general ledger, balance sheet and income statement.

Our platform provides a detailed chart of accounts for seamless integration to any accounting platform.