• Private Banks

    Accompanying world wide financial institutions in their digital transformation efforts by providing cutting edge technology that greatly sets them apart.

With technology like ours, banks automatically and seamlessly aggregate all financial accounts across any jurisdiction providing a consolidated view of each clients portfolio.

Any Custodian Account

Effortlessly aggregate any client custodian account globally.

Advise clients on a larger portion of their wealth and build stronger relationships through world class advice.

Identify opportunities

Immediate and reliable information on the firm’s total wallet allows for easy identification of growth opportunities.

Masttro’s technology empowers institutions to seamlessly offer value added services to their clients, allowing them to create new business and take advantage of new market trends.

Client experience

Clients access their information & reports through a custom branded environment that delivers the client experience banks have been looking for.

The client is always informed, information is secure, and reporting is done with a few clicks.