• Financial Institutions

    Easily manage international portfolios and take advantage of opportunities globally. Masttro provides your business with a differentiated experience your clients will love.

Artificial intelligence & machine learning automatically extracts data and stores all documents in secure digital vaults, allowing you to scale out efficiently.

Non-financial asset integration

Integrate any type of non-financial asset and manage the ownership structure, valuations and all associated documentation.

With Masttro you have endless flexibility when it comes to the management of non-financial assets.

Digital document vaults

Empower digital transformation by securing all documentation in ecrypted digital vaults within the platform.

Our proprietory intelligent filing system allows fast access to all supporting documents within each client’s trusts.

Automated custodian aggregation

Daily automatic aggregation of any client account in any jurisdiction.

Provide real time consolidated reporting on each trust, entity or account on a detailed transactional and cash flow level.