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How to satisfy an increasingly demanding UHNW client base

UHNW Division

The Building Blocks of an RIA - Breakthrough Wealth Technology

Disruptive wealth technology for an innovative Multi-family office

Technology for custom-tailored, multi-disciplinary advice

What’s the Right Family Office Technology?

Technology for one-stop, full-service financial management

How to satisfy an increasingly demanding UHNW client base

As a result from the increasing globalization and sophistication of clients, Santander has made significant efforts and investments in technology to continue to differentiate their high-end wealth management division. Consistent innovation is key to remaining at the forefront of the wealth management industry as the space becomes ever more competitive.

The Masttro Impact

With Masttro’s intuitive & custom branded wealth technology platform, Santander has been able to automatically aggregate all global financial accounts and non-financial assets for their clients on a daily basis without human intervention, giving them the ability to retain and build better client relationships no matter where the accounts reside.

Masttro’s automatic consolidated reporting has eliminated human error completely and saved Santander hundreds of man hours. As a result, bankers have the necessary tools to provide world class advice on a client's complete portfolio at their fingertips, wherever they are.


  • Seeking a wealth technology solution to consolidate all bank jurisdictions and provide innovative service to clients
  • Looking for advanced, visual and intuitive client facing technology for improved reporting and communication
  • Looking to advise clients on complete portfolio


  • Mobile bankers with information readily available through Masttro’s mobile apps
  • Consolidated reporting is done automatically for any time period necessary
  • Clients access reports and presentations through an intuitive and secure client portal, eliminating the unsecure use of email
  • Increased client engagement and communication, resulting in more satisfied clients


“The adoption of AI and machine learning technology to enhance its reporting solution set it apart from the competition.”

MENA 2020

“Finally the most comprehensive and complete system available to manage all type of assets for a family.”

Jose Luis Llamas


“Masttro quickly turned out to be much more than a technology vendor… Their business model makes them a true technological partner that supports us proactively in our growth strategy, and in turn has differentiated our value proposition tremendously.”

M. Cereda


“Our Private Wealth Clients are extremely demanding… with Masttro, we can support our clients’ needs with a state-of-the-art wealth platform that allows us to consolidate all custodians, integrate and organize non-financial assets and set up the entire legal structure to offer our clients a true comprehensive and holistic vision of their assets”

Patricia Correa


UHNW Division

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