• Single Family Offices

    Every family office is different, our deep heritage with complex, multi generational wealth has allowed us to create technology that is flexible to any wealth structure around the world.

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Our technology intelligently handles all financial and non-financial assets and everything that comes with it, giving you a transparent full balance sheet view of the complete estate.


An estate’s assets are often siloed, limiting your ability to holistically analyze and manage risk and opportunity. Masttro provides you with the technology to fully centralize a family office by providing transaction-level account information on financial and non-financial assets globally.

Track hard-to-value assets

The proliferation of new investment vehicles has made wealth management more complex. Masttro keeps you up to date on every asset, including liquid and illiquid investments, so you can apply insights and manage the most complex estates in real time.

Wealth preservation

The transfer of wealth from one generation to the next is no easy task. Masttro serves as a single source of truth for the family and is used to gradually involve heirs in wealth planning. We help you ensure wealth preservation for generations to come.

Efficiency with artificial intelligence

Manually updating documents for a broad array of asset classes is time-consuming and error-prone. Our proprietary technology, backed by AI and machine learning, automatically updates all relevant investment information, saving hundreds of hours and guaranteeing accuracy.

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