• Investment Management Firms

    Integrate the industry’s best practices through automated workflows and tools that catapult your growth without resource or infrastructure constraints.

At Masttro we have a deep understanding of sophisticated wealth needs and have developed technology that allows you to deliver impactful client experiences.

Portfolio Management & Analytics

Establish investment profiles and manage product risk effortlessly.

Masttro automatically executes pre and post trade validations, which notifies of deviations and properly rebalances your client’s portfolio.

Workflow management

The power of our technology integrates every employee in an institutionalized environment, significantly reducing back-office tasks.

Time consuming allocation models, concentration risks, portfolio rebalancing and revenue management are drastically simplified.

Integrated compliance

KYC, AML validations, documentation and regulatory reports are seamlessly integrated in the platform, allowing robust controls that meet local regulatory standards.

With Masttro, compliance is automatically supervised through a dedicated alert functionality.

Data you can rely on

Fully automated data aggregation with direct connections to any custodian bank you work with in any country.

Save months of manpower efforts and eliminate human error completely.