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Much more than your standard report builder. Interact with and manage your WealthData with precision and ease.

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Put your data to work in beautiful dashboards and easy-to-use estate views.

Streamline Portfolio & Task Management

No more overwhelming to-do lists or out-of-date portfolio views. Assign tasks, set priorities, track progress all in one place.

Track and analyze overall returns and growth
Set parameters for risk and track automatically
Safe and simple document storage

Discover Powerful, Custom WealthData Views

Visualize performance, track trends and identify growth opportunities. Use real-time interactive charts and graphs plus customizable views.

Dozens of out-of-the-box template data views
Custom visualizations and tracking tools
Secure communication and data sharing


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"The adoption of AI and machine learning technology to enhance its reporting solution set it apart from the competition."

Design the narrative you want to tell. Reinforce it with a robust data toolkit.

Experience AI Automation at Its Finest

Reduce manual labor, human error and focus on delivering best-in-class service. Let our AI algorithms do the heavy lifting to maintain your alternative investments.

Automatically ingest closed-end fund statements
Train your AI with different document types
Secure document storage after analysis

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