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Masttro offers intelligent aggregation, AI automation and powerful reporting to give you industry-leading data quality backed with a best-in-class client interface. In short: better data, beautifully showcased, for you to provide better service.

Find out why we’re trusted by 10,000 end clients.

Founded in 2010 by wealth professionals, Masttro was built from the ground-up with advisors’ needs in mind, for maximum usability by wealth owners with a top-shelf UI interface.

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The Problem: Unreliable Data

Data quality, clarity and ease of access are the most important ingredients to provide excellent service in wealth management.

Most advisors face fragmented and murky data across different custodians, fund admins and data providers. Many are looking to evolve beyond Excel spreadsheets.

On top of that, clients are more demanding than ever, and need better storytelling with intuitive data views.

Jose Luis Llamas

Trader, Quattro Wealth Management
“Finally, the most comprehensive and complete system available to manage all types of assets for a family.”

The Solution:  Data Mastery with Masttro

Masttro stands for mastery. Since 2010, we have committed to build the world’s best platform to aggregate and visualize the most hard-to-track financial data alongside standard liquid assets.

With Masttro, free yourself to focus on what matters: increased client satisfaction, better retention, new account acquisition and business expansion - at a cost that doesn’t go up with your AUM.

Trusted by the world’s largest family offices & financial institutions.

Founded in a family office, we grew to serve the larger wealth management ecosystem. We know what it’s like to deal with complex estates, asset types and client needs - and from our firsthand experience we built the best tool for the industry. We wrote the book in wealth tech, and continue to expand it with Masttro users in over 28 countries.

Your HQ for Data, Docs and Contacts.

Masttro is known for streamlined and highly secure management of WealthData - from private investments, to collections, real estate and of course liquid assets.

Additionally, Masttro safely stores all your documentation in an interactive estate map.

Manage access to your data reports, docs and platform features easily with advanced permissioning.

Perfect Flexibility in Reporting

Some platforms sell themselves based on reporting complexity. For advisors, this often ends up meaning more cost, more maintenance, more time spent troubleshooting, and even the need to hire more FTEs.

Masttro is the pioneer of Rigid Flexibility in reporting. Benefit from the right amount of customization that gets you where you want with industry-tested prebuilt reports that don’t break the bank.

"With Masttro, we're able to access client info quickly and efficiently to answer client questions thoughtfully, with accurate data."

- Danielle Roseman, Co-Head of Lazard Family Office Services

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