It’s time to evolve beyond the PDF. Welcome to DAI.

Automate repetitive, manual work when pulling reports from fund portals for capital calls and distributions, and more.

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You Current vs Future State

Your business without Doc AI


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Your business with Doc AI


Quarterly hours processing PDFs


Employees needed

With Doc AI, businesses can direct a renewed focus on client servicing and end unproductive “PDF processing” hours from skilled employees.
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How It Works

1. Streamlined document collection

Through email forwarding or bulk upload, Masttro can instantly ingest your PDFs regardless of formatting, pages and styling.

2. Automatic document classification

Sit back while our AI model scans your documents, to quickly identify and classify your documents by type.

3. Instant, complete document analysis

DAI analyzes all the text and identifies key data points that are pulled into the Masttro system, flagging any outliers for review.

4. Data mapping to your instance

In a few moments, your document is securely stored, the data is living in dashboards, and you can immediately run portfolio valuations based on cashflows.

Less hours on PDFs. More hours on meaningful work. That’s DAI.

The Doc AI module automates data handling of capital calls, distributions and capital statements. It is a powerful tool that enables Masttro users to have a seamless end-to-end integration for workflows, from PDF to GWM Vault to CMR Cash Flow. Designed with a custom model that constantly trains and improves over time, Doc AI plugs straight into the Masttro experience, saves time on manual data handling, and improves security with instant document storage.

Get accurate, timely valuations without the manual work.

Immediately run portfolio valuations based on cashflows. Upload your PDFs, get the data you need, so you can get to work faster.

Automatically extract and map data to views you care about.

The power of DAI is that it plugs into and powers all aspects of the Masttro platform. The output is not just static reports, but dynamic, living dashboards, document storage and client communication.

Make Masttro your all-in-one with instant document storage.

With Masttro, data, document and user permissions all live within the same ecosystem. No longer will you deal with multi-vendor solutions and logins in a fragmented ecosystem.

Faster work, better time spent, at no cost to security.

Automate, improve your workflows and on top of that level up your security. PDFs floating around in email chains and download folders are old news. Empower your business with end-to-end encryption and one node for controlling all docs and data.

AI is no longer science fiction, it’s already helping businesses save money.

Tell us about your business and we’ll tell you how Doc AI can fit your needs.
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