• Single & Multi Family Offices

    Every family office is different, our deep heritage with complex multi-generational wealth allowed us to create technology that is customizable to any structure, drasticlly setting you apart.

Our technology intelligently handles all financial and non-financial assets and everything that comes with it, allowing you or your team to focus in generating value.

Enhanced client experiences

Impactful and powerful functionalities bring security, transparency, communication, peace of mind and control back in your hands.

Our intuitive wealth technology allows you to scale and bring your family office and business to a new level.

Holistic wealth view

One technology for all your needs.

Cater to a clients’ holistic portfolio, not just financial accounts. Alternative and direct investments, complex ownership structures and pooled funds, all in a single picture.

Complete automation

Your data is gathered directly from the source and is delivered without human intervention.

Our unique approach to automated general ledger & accounting functionalities including detailed partnership accounting, liberates your team from time consuming manual processes that take weeks.

Innovative technology

  • All wealth in a single picture
  • Deep alternatives management
  • Profound collections management
  • Strengthened family communication
  • Complex partnership accounting made simple
  • Advanced legacy planning & wealth perservation