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    Our experience, passion and dedication to wealth technology has allowed our clients to scale, be mobile and build strong personal relationships with their clients, supported by technology they can trust.


Technology that supports your growth model, allows you to scale and deliver powerful client experiences.

Our story

The world has been changing at a rapid pace, and with it the increasing complexity of managing wealth.

For years, wealth managers have been forced to rely on outdated legacy software that fails to deliver, making it difficult for them to scale and win. As clients become more conscious and their expectations rapidly grow, real time information, speed and clarity are an obligation in order to build lasting relationships.

Masttro was born over a decade ago with the mission to bring control and transparency back in the wealth manager's hands.

Today we empower hundreds of clients and serve thousands of wealth owners through single family offices, independent advisors, private banks and institutional clients. Our global footprint spans more than 24 countries with offices in North America, Europe and Latin America.

The problem

Over promising efforts that lack adequate solutions has caused confusion on client expectations, resulting in long-term contracts and massive burdens for firms, making it harder for them to run their business.

Wealth managers are keen to find integrated technology that can maximize productivity and deliver daily information to clients without the back-office burden.