ACP Group Selects Masttro as Tech Partner

June 26, 2024
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Masttro Team

Miami, FL – ACP Group, a Miami-headquartered boutique financial services group with a growing international presence and commitment to innovation, is pleased to announce its new partnership with Masttro, a premier global wealth tech platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in ACP’s strategy to expand and enhance its wealth management services for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, particularly in Latin America.

"Masttro’s unique ability to provide a holistic view of both liquid and illiquid assets makes it an invaluable addition to our arsenal, and clearly stood above the competition." -Esteban Endere, Managing Partner ACP Group

Key Takeaways

ACP Group Selects Masttro as Tech Partner

Founded 17 years ago, ACP Group has carved a niche in the financial industry with professional presence in major financial hubs including New York, Dallas, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, and Montevideo. The firm has built a reputation for its independent and client-focused approach in private banking, wealth management, investment banking, and alternative investments.

Masttro, known for its sophisticated platform that provides a total overview of assets and custodians, aligns with ACP’s commitment to provide a modernized and efficient overview of financial data. Masttro’s technology enables comprehensive data aggregation, analysis, and reporting, ensuring that wealth owners have the most accurate and complete financial information at their fingertips, secured by top-tier cybersecurity measures.

"The decision to partner with Masttro came after a thorough market evaluation in which Masttro’s capabilities distinctly aligned with our need to service our high-net-worth client base with cutting-edge digital solutions," said Esteban Endere, Managing Partner at ACP Group who spearheaded the selection process. "Masttro’s unique ability to provide a holistic view of both liquid and illiquid assets makes it an invaluable addition to our arsenal, and clearly stood above the competition."

This strategic partnership is anticipated to significantly enhance ACP’s service offerings, particularly for its substantial client base in Latin America. “Approximately 70% of our assets are based in the LATAM region, and Masttro’s global approach is well-suited to our business model and client needs,” added Esteban. Masttro’s presence in key markets such as Zurich also played a critical role in the decision, providing ACP with a reliable and scalable platform to support its growth objectives.

Masttro’s boutique style and personalized service approach were also crucial factors. “In our quest to find the right partner, Masttro stood out not only for its technology but also for its team’s approachability and deep understanding of our needs,” said Esteban, CEO of ACP Group. “Their partnership philosophy is very much aligned with our own, focusing on long-term relationships and tailored solutions.

”This collaboration between ACP Group and Masttro represents a forward-looking strategy aimed at leveraging technology to better serve clients and strengthen ACP’s position as a leader in the wealth management industry. Both firms are committed to a partnership that evolves with the changing needs of the market, ensuring clients receive the best possible service and tech.

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