Why Better Data Quality Matters In Multi-Generational Wealth Preservation

April 25, 2022
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Preserving multi-generational wealth has always been a complex challenge, but it's become a far more daunting task in recent years, not least because of intensified competition, growing regulatory burdens, and increasingly savvy investors. The list goes on.

Key Takeaways

Why Better Data Quality Matters In Multi-Generational Wealth Preservation

As is the case in other industries, technology can help overcome many of these obstacles to success. Unlike many other businesses, family offices have not uniformly embraced technology solutions. Though some offices are highly modernized, using advanced software systems that reduce costs and improve compliance, many others avoid this digital transformation. Such firms prefer more traditional approaches, despite the extra manpower they often involve.

This resistance to change, when it exists, is often a function of office dynamics and/or family culture. Masttro recognizes and embraces the uniqueness inherent to each family office. If our experience at Masttro over the past decade has proven anything, it is this: Family offices that leverage wealth-management platforms smartly see significant improvements in efficiency and performance, not to mention client satisfaction, stakeholder engagement and employee appreciation.

Multiple factors contribute to these kinds of everybody-wins outcomes, but one is especially relevant to any family office that is planning for the future: data quality. The reason is intuitive to anyone engaged in multi-asset, multiple-stakeholder, and multiple-custodian portfolio management.

A never-ending slew of asset and performance data from a varied assemblage of banks, law firms, asset managers, brokerages and accountants—each with its own reporting protocols—is a lot to track accurately in the best of circumstances. In frequently understaffed family offices—where some of the tasks that require the least experience are often handled by some of the most senior people—data aggregation is unavoidably inefficient and error prone.

This time-intensive process of data aggregation also robs senior family office professionals of time they could otherwise use to strategize, engage with clients, or explore new opportunities.

In contrast, the proper technology platform, customized to the needs of an individual office, can provide a single and reliable source of truth: one system through which all data is efficiently funneled, organized and checked. It’s for this reason that Masttro maintains server-to-server connections with hundreds of financial institutions globally, affording direct data flow for family offices and their banking relationships. It’s also why we’ve turned the art of connectivity into a science, with an established process that allows us to link with all manner of institutions in a matter of days.

Because we know that time is the most important resource. In helping our clients maximize Masttro’s patented estate-mapping tool, we’ve noticed that improved data quality invariably leads to more informed—and more assured—conversations with their downstream stakeholders.

At Masttro, we believe that all clients, even those with complex estate structures, expect the kind of seamless digital experiences they enjoy when shopping, banking or listening to music. But, equally as important, they have the right to see a full and coherent picture of their holdings whenever they want. Family offices that maximize technology toward this ultimate client experience are the ones who will thrive in this ever-challenging industry.

Want to learn how Masttro can help you secure and pass on your family legacy? Schedule time with one of our wealth tech experts.

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