Laureate Wealth Management

How a leading alternatives-focused MFO leverages the Masttro platform.

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Our Partner: Laureate Wealth Management

"I don't think there's anything out there that can equal Masttro, and you should absolutely be looking at this platform."

-Jeremy Boynton, Founder of Laureate Wealth

Laureate Wealth Management is a specialist firm providing alternative investment advice and analysis. With a focus on hedge funds, private equity and real estate, Laureate came to Masttro with the double challenge of aggregating this complex data accurately and swiftly, as well as visualizing it to clients. Masttro works with Laureate as a support mechanism, coming alongside precious client relationships to provide critical data points for Laureate advisors.

Product Capabilities


Import all your WealthData with easy connections and integrations.
550+ custodian feeds
Alternatives ingestion
Best-in-class onboarding
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Simplify portfolio management with custom dashboards and automation.
Portfolio management
Task management
Custom dashboards
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Create custom views for your clients and share WealthData securely.
Secure sharing
Document storage
Easy permissioning
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Seamlessly integrate tooling with your current tech stack.
Masttro API
Flexible outputs to other tech platforms
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