• Wealth Managers & Advisors

    Masttro modernizes your wealth technology; we empower your business to drive efficiency and allow you to easily manage & track complex estate structures, portfolios and everything that comes with it.


At Masttro we have a deep understanding of sophisticated wealth needs and have developed technology that allows you to deliver impactful client experiences.

Efficiencies to help you scale

Scaling your business while providing white-glove service across clients of varying sizes requires a product built to meet your business’ efficiency and scalability needs. Masttro reduces human error, simplifies reporting, and allows you to efficiently manage global investment opportunities for your clients.

Establish competitive advantage

Manage all client entities seamlessly with real-time data to quickly recognize risks and capitalize on local & global investment opportunities for your clients.

Make faster, more informed decisions

Opportunities to generate alpha or minimize risk can be ephemeral in a fast-moving market. We provide you with customizable visualizations and detailed look throughs into performance, risk & exposure across all portfolios.

Stay on top of fast changing markets

Staying apprised of market impacts across all your client portfolios requires 24/7 monitoring and alerts for critical activity and events. Gain immediate access anytime, anywhere, along with 24/7 monitoring and alerts, through our powerful client portal and mobile apps.

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