On-Demand Webinar Recording

Transforming Document Management: Masttro's Doc Management Suite

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

"How are you managing your tax documents, legal agreements, performance reports and more, sharing them with your clients, and keeping them secure from threats?"

If you're facing challenges in managing the mountain of documents of your UHNW clients, this upcoming webinar is tailored for you. We will cover:

  • The complexities of handling, storing, and accessing vast amounts of financial documents efficiently in Masttro.
  • The ability to ensure security and compliance in document management while maintaining easy accessibility.
  • The need for a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for comprehensive document access for end users.

Join us for this enlightening webinar, where we showcase how the Masttro platform was built with documents management in mind. We will cover the suite of features that Masttro clients use to simplify their document landscape every day, while shining a special light on our newest feature, Doc AI, and our innovative approach to document ingestion.

We'll explore Masttro's unique approach to documents from a holistic perspective for wealth managers and advisors, demonstrating use cases that have the potential to transform your most manual and risky day-to-day document activities for the better. Hosted by Michael Melia (Masttro's Head of Marketing), Danielle Browning (Masttro's Head of Onboarding) and Allie Sprinkle (Masttro's Head of Solutions Engineering), we will dive into the capabilities of the Masttro platform to improve document management and security.

Key highlights of the webinar include:‍

  • A comprehensive overview of Masttro's top document management features, focusing on how documents are stored and plugged into the entire platform.
  • In-depth discussions on the security features and compliance aspects of Masttro's document management, ensuring top-tier data protection.
  • Practical insights into how Doc AI streamlines document management, enhancing operational efficiency and client service.
  • A live Q&A session where you can pose your specific questions about your own document management challenges.

Join us for an engaging webinar that will reshape your perspective on document management. Whether you are a wealth manager, financial advisor, or family officer, this event will provide you with invaluable insights and practical solutions for elevating your document management strategy.