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With over 10,000 end clients, top industry partnerships, global financial institution users and awards from industry experts, discover why we are the wealth tech industry’s rising force.

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Find out why we’re trusted by 10,000 end clients.

Founded in 2010 by wealth professionals, Masttro was built from the ground-up with advisors’ needs in mind, for maximum usability by wealth owners with a top-shelf UI interface.

Daily transactions
Documents archived
Alternative investments
Direct data feeds

Masttro’s award-winning platform powers the world’s top advisory firms.

Connect your data feeds

Masttro ingests all liquid and illiquid assets, liabilities and passion assets. With direct custom custodian connections and AI ingestion tech, we lead the way in seamless data aaggregation.

Build powerful views to tell your story

Once your data is ingested, we empower you with beautiful and streamlined interactive views to use for analysis, and to share your story the way you want with end clients to help you nurture your client relationships.

Your data, docs and contacts in one place.

Masttro is known for WealthData, but we also help you manage all your documents and contacts in one place. Providing top-level cybersecurity protocols and keeping your sensitive data from floating between multiple systems.

14 years of constant innovation, including AI applications.

Masttro’s AI automates manual, error-prone workflows.

Released in 2023, our Doc AI tool is being used by advisors to automatically ingest and translate capital calls and distributions into WealthData for Masttro’s data views and key product features.

Powerful reporting that’s in-the-box.

No need to hire developers or more FTEs to manage your reporting capabilities. Masttro will get you there without extra cost incurred to your business. Get your data views, not a wild goose chase for an endlessly iterated excel sheet.

We’re not just a tech tool. We are your tech partner.

"With Masttro, we're able to access client info quickly and efficiently to answer client questions thoughtfully, with accurate data."

- Danielle Roseman, Co-Head of Lazard Family Office Services

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"I don't think there's anything out there that can equal Masttro, and you should absolutely be looking at this platform."

- Jeremy Boynton, Founder of Laureate Wealth

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We don't price on AUM

At Masttro, we want to celebrate your growth with you (without a growing cost). We have always and will always price based on flat rates for the products that will help your business grow.

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Privacy & Security
Data aggregation
Alternative Investments
Available Devices
Document Management
Local service & onboarding


Software companies solving for only one piece of the wealth management software pie.

Pay per user / asset
Public cloud-based infrastructure (AWS)
Via third-party providers
Manual input & third-party translators
Complex builders with steep learning curve
Limited mobile experience, clumsy design
One-size-fits-all service

We understand the nature of your business and build something that allows you to grow and scale.

Fixed price, unlimited users
Military-grade protocols
Direct reconciliation and processing
AI & machine learning proprietary tools
Predefined templates from industry experts
Native Apps for iOS, Android and iPad
First-party feature with easy search
Dedicated compliance module & alerts
5 languages, knowledge center, custom onboarding plan
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