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Your platform for wealth in full view.

The world’s leading wealth tech solution to visualize total net worth.

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Save time with Masttro's AI technology.

With Doc AI, pull reports from fund portals and extract data instantly into the Masttro platform.

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Get wealth in full view

— Wealth is complex. That’s why Masttro translates all aspects of wealth into WealthData, which can be easily viewed, manipulated and managed inside our platform.

  • Asset types
  • All geographies
  • All currencies
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Track all assets in one place

Masttro aggregates and ingests all assets, from liquid investments to many types of complex alternatives including real estate, private equity holdings, passion assets and more.

  • Financial

    Concentrated stock, data feed loans, lines of credit

  • Alternatives

    Direct investments, open and closed-end funds

  • Collections

    Antiques, horses, jewelry, motor vehicles, paintings

Go way beyond reporting

We believe that reporting is just the starting point to build a future-proofed tech stack. Our reports plug into dynamic modules on the Masttro platform to help you optimize dozens of workflows.

  • Improve client experience
  • Automate manual work
  • Streamline data feeds
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Product Capabilities


Import all your WealthData with easy connections and integrations.
550+ custodian feeds
Alternatives ingestion
Best-in-class onboarding
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Simplify portfolio management with custom dashboards and automation.
Portfolio management
Task management
Custom dashboards
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Create custom views for your clients and share WealthData securely.
Secure sharing
Document storage
Easy permissioning
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Seamlessly integrate tooling with your current tech stack.
Masttro API
Flexible outputs to other tech platforms
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For Family Offices
For Wealth Managers & Advisors
For Professional Service Firms

For Family Offices

Masttro provides a full view of wealth that allows you to capture total net worth. Uniting all financial data in one place, we are here to do the heavy lifting: data aggregation, synthesis and visualization for all assets.

For Wealth Managers & Advisors

A true overview of all your portfolios, including all asset types across all regions. Masttro is your technology partner to unlock scale efficiently.

For Professional Service Firms

Equip your team with the best-in-class wealth data platform on the market. See clearer, communicate faster and report the story you need when you need it.

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